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Director, Founder, Tarot

Tap into the Spiritual Realms

Karyn Westbrooks created Dimension Events with the purpose of bringing individuals together to achieve greater healing  and inspire connection. She believes that it's imperative to heal, but also to have fun in order to discover and fulfill one's life purpose. Through her life's work, she hopes to help the collective connect to people in their soul tribe and create a space where others can share their gifts and witness the gifts of others. Westbrooks is a clairaudient intuitive who reads tarot and oracle cards along with book divination. She is able to connect with the spiritual realm and connect others with their ancestors. Using her gifts, she brings wisdom and healing to the collective

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Karyn Westbrooks
Sophia Lauren

Sophia Lauren

Event Coordinator, Media Coverage

Developing Collective Unity

Sophia Lauren is a serial entrepreneur who's life purpose involves promoting and supporting the gifts of others in order to encourage them on their journey. Her life's mission lies in turning simple business ideas into something that is both creative and successful. 

At Dimension events she helps to coordinate and oversee event operations to ensure that your experience with Dimension Events is a great one. Sophia is also a photographer, videographer and musician. By sharing her gifts with the world around her, she's been able to help bring the visions of others to life while also manifesting greatness.

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Kya Rawlings

Casey Delvalle

Event Cooridinator, Consultant, Producer

Digital Expansion and Creativity

Casey is a talk show host and consultant for all things related to business, music and the entertainment industry. She is the CEO and founder of the Come Up Shows and Empire Global Consultants. Casey scouts some of the best underground artists and has a keen eye for discovering talent. She brings flair to many business ideas and is a skilled promoter. She uses her talents, online platform and media presence to give artists a place to express their gifts. 

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Casey Valdez

Melonie Torres

Event Coordinator, Assistant Producer, Creative

Creative Expression

Melonie Torres is a creator and entrepreneur who delves into the artistic forms of acting, modeling, dancing, and speech and language coaching. She is the founder of Naturally Melonie, LLC. and Bendecidx™.  Her mission is to create art that impacts through emotion and inspires to push ourselves beyond our own limitations. Her goal is to collaborate with like minded people on projects that create spaces for our communities to aid their healing process and explore beyond personal barriers. 

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Joan McGowan


Shaman, High Priestess

Roszella is certified with Global Master Healer; Queen Afua as a Sacred Woman, and Sacred Woman Practitioner. She conducts an International Womb Circle once a month and a 12 week rites of passage program in NYC and combines thee artist + practitioners while teaching Womb DNA Activation. Furthermore she is an elemental palm reader, elementary school teacher, community intervention activist and poet. Lastly, she is a Shaman/Priestess that conducts rituals, mantras, healing circles using ancient medicine and practices.

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Olivier Bisset

Aadam (Buddha)

Boxer, Instructor

 Aadam (Buddha) Ali competed from 2013 to 2018. He was known for being a “slick” southpaw fighter. Coached by professional trainer Don Somerville, he's gathered a great amount of knowledge. This is what upped his boxing IQ ten fold. Buddha has accumulated a record of 60 wins and 7 losses. Aadam is a 5 time NJ State Golden Glove Champion, 4 time NJ State Diamond Glove Champion, and 2017 National Golden Glove Champion. He was formally ranked #1 in the Country while also having been inducted to the NJ Boxing Hall Of Fame in 2017. As a result he's been in  the NJ Newspaper “The Bergen Record” several times.

Aadam's focus is now on spiritual enlightenment towards unit, self knowledge, and self revelation. He is dedicated to raising the collective consciousness and promoting greater love and unity.

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Edward Smalls

Martial Artist, Personal Trainer, Reiki Master

Physically In-Tune

Edward has always been physically active, even in his younger stages of life.Competitive sports eventually led Edward to becoming a personal trainer. Bruce Lee was a great influence on his journey concerning martial arts by teaching him to test his limits. He's learned how to push his  mind and body beyond its normal capabilities.He now inspires others to take on that same challenge. Edward encourages and motivates others to be active and learn something both new and fun! Join him and explore your bodies capabilities

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Arya Meza
Tre Timms

Cynthia Starr

Reiki Healer, Essential Oils, Jewelry

Energy Master

Cynthia Starr is an Usui Reiki Master practitioner who sells handcrafted jewelry that has been prayed over and blessed by the Angels and reiki charged. She creates handcrafted original malas, rosaries, bracelets, and necklaces using genuine semiprecious crystals to amplify healing and guidance for the wearer. This is the essence of jewelry with divine purpose. 

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Catherine Martinez

Jewlerly, Herbal Bundles, Bath Salts

Magic Touch

Cathy is a New York based entrepreneur from the Bronx. She's a light worker, palera, herbalist, and crystal jewelry designer. As the CEO of Warrior Healing Market she creates crystal jewelry and incorporates chakra and herbal healing modalities to ensure her clients experience a better quality of life. 

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Afro Drummers

Healing through Music

BombaYo ignites the ancestral rhythms of Bomba, an African derived music and dance tradition developed in Puerto Rico. The synergy of call and response singing, drumming and dance provide the foundation for a dynamic interplay between the solo drummer and dancer. 

In the spirit of Sankofa -looking to your past for a better future- BombaYo members draw from the Bomba tradition to enrich their lives and embrace their cultural legacy. Through workshops,  cultural presentations, performances and partnerships, BombaYo engages communities throughout NYC area to raise awareness of Afro Puerto Rican culture and to connect Bomba to the vast traditions of the African Diaspora.

BombaYo creates an intergenerational and participatory experience that honors people of all ages and abilities.

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I Am Rain

Musician, Painter, Creative

Unbridled Creativity

I Am Rain is a music artist who specializes in hip hop born and raised in NYC

In addition Rain is a producer, engineer, videographer, photographer, and painter 

He’s been writing and recording music for 10 years now and he uses his knowledge to pursue his own dreams along with the dreams of others. “The great creator has gifted us creativity. Our gift back is our use of it”.





Negesti is a Brooklyn born dancer, teacher, and choreographer who is the founder of Eyes Unlocked Guided Dance Meditation. Her class provides dancers and non-dancers with the opportunity to dance without self-critique, take a moment to breathe, move through affirmations, and dive into the core of their divine self. The class takes movers on a journey of self-awareness and healing. Participants should come with the intention of leaving with a sound understanding of self trust, purpose, release, and movement. 

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Sekou Irawo



 Sekou writes a daily horoscope newsletter 365 days a year as a service to the community called irawo -ife-facts. He is definitely a true mystic observer of the cosmic nature of the universe. From the metamorphosis of being a young man of western African origin his interests have always been discovering the processes behind self mastery. Irawo is interested in astrology, numerology, chemistry, biology , physics , mathematics. He's engineered a system that focuses on creating solutions. Sekou does natal chart and solar return chart. You can reach him at 347-296-9793 to book an appointment. 

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Beverly Buo

Juicer, Educator

Beverly is a proud educator, creator, and entrepreneur from The Bronx. She has a passion for healing the body and mind by speaking directly to the soul through mindfulness and other spiritual work. A teacher by trade, Bev urges her elementary students to question the toxic systems surrounding all of us; she furthers this mission to help others ground themselves amidst chaos through her juice business. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Bev has been fulfilling orders for her closest family and friends as a way to provide them with crucial immunity-boosting nutrients in an accessible way. Her approach to health is deeply rooted in the legacies of her Ghanaian ancestors’ holistic, community-centered philosophies of wellness. By crafting healthful, delicious, small-batch juices with organic super-fruits and veggies, Bev hopes to inspire those around her to take control of their lives and their healing one sip at a time.

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