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Classes Start 9/16


Welcome to the Body 5D!

Are you… Done feeling the aches and pains in your body and accepting it as normal living?
Tired of telling yourself that you’ll prioritize your health ‘tomorrow,’ but months have gone by?
Curious about how to harness the power of your sexual energy to be more self confident and liberated because deep down you know you deserve it.
If you answered YES to any of these, then keep reading, this one of a kind program could be the right fit for you!

About the Program:

This program will addresses the five dimensions of you;

Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Sexual


We will go through these 3 parts of the journey:

1) Yogic Foundations (8 limbs of yoga, sun salutation, pranayama, mantra and ashtanga vinyasa flow)

2) Cleanse & Detox (mental, emotional and digestive)

3) Sacred Sexuality (healing the past, awakening your energy, igniting healthy and conscious sexual relationships)


Are you ready to step into a more ALIVE AND EMPOWERED YOU?!!!













This is a 10 Week Online Program with

• Weekly group zoom sessions (Sunday’s 10-12pm)

• 3 Private phone calls

• Guided videos and healing practices

• Weekly guest teachers

• Educational modules

• Weekly workbook

• Accountability buddy to keep you on track

• Private log-in (

+ FREE access to the weekly BODY 5D class (Wednesday’s 9am)
+ Total access to ALL content for 3.5 months


Meet Natalie:


With a degree in Exercise Science from Brooklyn College, and a  background in personal training, she has spent 10+ years exploring, certifying and cultivating these Healing Arts, that she shares with humanity and you. 

From yogic wellness, holistic fitness, or utilizing energy healing or massage in her one on one sessions, Natalie is very dynamic and merges; science, intuition, experience and her heart, for your optimal health benefits and personal empowerment.

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